Primero hits a scale milestone

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We’ve reached 50! Here’s to 50 more!

Since its conceptualization in 2012 and the launch of the MVP in 2014, Primero has become the digital solution of choice among caseworkers providing lifesaving support and quality care to children and women globally. 

Supporting three separate modules – the CPIMS+, GBVIMS, and MRMIMS+ -  the Primero platform has been supporting the work of social services providers and protection monitors in humanitarian and development settings, and partnering with government ministries, national civil society actors and INGOs to reach more vulnerable populations with higher quality services. 

This month we celebrate the launch of our 50th Primero implementation! We just went live in South Sudan with the GBVIMS+ module, our first ever inter-agency rollout of GBVIMS+ version 2! This implementation will support over 90 users representing 5 GBV organizations offering lifesaving assistance to the women and girls in South Sudan.  

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Our work is all about supporting frontline service providers, and to do that, we have to make sure we understand their needs. Primero helps frontline works feel confident that the data they are managing is secure, even in the most difficult programming settings. Even when internet is intermittent at best. Even when users are on the move. Confidentiality and privacy by design are Primero's calling card. Backed by an inter agency-supported data protection framework, Primero is raising the bar for responsible data in case management information management. 

Over the past 2 years, we have focused our investment on stability, security, and usability. We've drawn on our field teams' expertise to develop new features to facilitate the work of a broad range of end users, including caseworkers, supervisors, program coordinators, and M&E focal points. We've ramped up our work on internationalization, implemented single-sign-on, refined our custom exports, extended notifications functionality, and doubled-down on advanced reporting. Primero v2 offers multi-factor authentication, configurable key performance indicators,  enhanced offline capabilities, and a fresh new look and feel. Behind the scenes, a Kunernetes-based cloud infrastructure is helping us deploy and support faster, more securely, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

We are very excited about this success, but scale cannot come at the price of sustainability. Primero takes sustainability seriously. More than ever, our planning, processes and partnerships are focused on long-term sustainability. The Primero Board is implementing a multi-faceted plan to ensure that we can continue to offer quality services to more partners while we continue to build and invest in our community and our solution.

Congratualtions to our partners on the GBVIMS+ Team for their great work, and thanks for helping us reach this important milestone! To learn more about the GBVIMS+, visit or click on the link below.

Here’s to contiuned success and 50 more deployments!