• Digital Public Good Certified

    Working to make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals 


    The Digital Public Goods Alliance granted Primero DPG certification 2022. What does that mean? It confirms that Primero adheres to public good principles and best pratices is of vital for the attainment of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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    Open Source

    Making Primero widely available - cost-effectively and efficiently - for the greater good 


    Primero is envisioned as a digital public good, and has been developed according to the Principles for Digital Development. Primero is made available on GitHub under the GNU Affero GPL 3 license. Please read the Terms of Use and check out our documentation, release notes, demo instance and community forum on the Primero Support Hub. If you are interested in contributing to the project, see our Guide to Submitting Code.

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    Privacy and Security by Design

    Guided by the Do No Harm, Need to Know, Informed Consent and Best Interest of the Child priniciples 


    Data about vulnerable children and survivors of violence can be securely and confidentially shared in order to promote wellbeing and access to services. Role-based permissions ensure "need to know" access to sensitive data. Learn more about Primero's security features on our YouTube channel.

    Self-Service Configuration

    Primero can be easily configured without the support of a technology company 


    Primero promotes autonomy. Programme Teams can select a template from a library and then work to contextualize forms, lookups, languages, logos and locations through a user-friendly interface. When they are happy with their configuration, they can update their live site. See a Primero v2 configuration demo here.  

    Online and Offline Availability 

    Primero is a progressive web application (PWA) working both offline and online


    Primero combines the best of web and mobile applications. It works in all modern browsers and on any type of a device (mobile, tablet, laptop). Without compromising the user experience, with new features for low connectivity settings, Primero can be used by social service workers on-the-go, wherever they are.  

    Interoperability and Integrations 

    Sharing data safely is key to ensuring timely and effective serivces 


    Connecting digital systems can help optimize them for security, efficiency, confidentiality and accountability. Primero's approach to implementing interoperability focuses on achieving better coordination, less duplication, and better response times, while adhering to the need to know principle. Integrations are fully auditable and promote accountability to data subjects as well as better outcomes for children and survivors or violence.  

  • Sustainability

    View below the integrated, risk-informed work plan which helps Primero thrive and scale