• Information management to protect vulnerable children and survivors of violence

    Primero combines field-proven tools, global best practice, and the latest open source technology to bring community-level protection and social services workers a user-friendly and scalable solution for their data management challenges. Review our user guides, technical documentation and more.

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    Now more than ever, social services workers need fit for purpose tools to reach their clients with quality care. Primero is here to help.

    A complete package of services

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    Primero Project Brief

    Primero has a unique backstory. For many years, partners in the protection sector rallied around the need for a modern approach to data management. They demanded a system that was fit-for-purpose and that emphasized user-friendliness, confidentiality and security. To learn more about the origins of the Primero initiative, take a look at our project brief from 2017.


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    Security, Confidentiality & Interoperability to promote the rights of children & women

    Primero is guided by the Do No Harm, Need to Know, Informed Consent and Best Interests of the Child principles. Data about vulnerable children and survivors of violence can be securely and confidentially shared in order to promote their well being and access to services. Role-based access ensures that only those who need to know have access to sensitive data.


    Information Management Standards (see Standard 5)


    Inter Agency Guidelines for Child Protection Case Management

    Incident Monitoring

    In order to shape programmes to better prevent and respond to violations committed against children and women, incident monitoring systems must be integrated into humanitarian responses and development programmes. Primero allows these systems to be directly linked to the provision of services, while maintaining confidentiality.


    Child Protection Monitoring Standards (see Standard 6)

    Family Tracing and Reunification

    Primero is building on decades of programming experience and leveraging new technologies to speed up the process of reuniting separated and unaccompanied girls and boys with their families and caregivers.


    FTR Functionality Video Demo


    Inter Agency Toolkit on Unaccompanied and Separated Children

  • Managing Sensitive Data on Individual Children

    Child protection information management involves gathering, sharing, managing and storing large amounts of highly sensitive data. Understanding the risks associated with these practices is crucial to mitigating them. These Good Practice Principles outline nine key principles that all child protection information management systems should observe.

    Key concepts, clearly delivered

    Managing sensitive data is a complex task. Front line workers need easy-to-use tools to help them make good decisions. The Good Practice Principles identify the four key stages in the data life cycle, how they relate to each other, and suggested activities for each.

    Step by step, to do no harm

    Each principle is explored individually, identifying key concepts and processes. The guidance is targeted at two groups of actors: Child protection programme managers and implementers, and Information Management professionals. Working together to ensure that we deliver quality programmes while doing no harm.

    Know your data

    Classifying data correctly is a critical step in mitigating risks associated with data collection. These principles include helpful graphics and illustrative examples that support field-based workers to design and implement more risk-aware interventions.

  • A global digital public good

    Making Primero available as cost-effectively and efficiently to as many users as possible, for the greater good

  • Source Code

    Primero is envisioned as a global public good, and has been developed according to the Principles for Digital Development. Primero is made available on GitHub under the GNU Affero GPL 3 license. You can learn more about Primero by visiting our Support Hub. If you are interested in contributing to the project, see our Guide to Submitting Code.