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The 2023 Primero Global Meeting

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This year's Primero Global Meeting was a gathering a great energy and genuine community.

We were joined in Bangkok by more than 70 partners representing programmes and products from 20 countries and regions including Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Lao PDR, Mexico, Myanmar, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Spain, Syria,Thailand, Timor Leste, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, and Viet Nam! We had child protection and gender-based violence professionals, product owners and developers, honourable ministers, regional advisors and global directors. It was a truly amazing turnout and the results speak for themselves.

The agenda for the 3-day event structured around themes:

Day 1 was focused on Primero-supported programmes and partnerships. We had Ignite style presentations from Panama, Sierra Leone, Myanmar and Bangladesh. We had sessions on how differrent teams are using Primero data to improve their programmes. We heard from the contestants - Cambodia, Jordan, GBVIMS+ and Iraq - and voted for the first-ever winner of the Primero Data Challenge, an initiative started in 2022 to capture and share learning about responsible data usage. The award went to the team in Cambodia, who have done amazing work with the government to make child protection data actionable through some amazing dashboards using PowerBi and ONA. CONGRATS TO THE TEAM!

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Day 2 was a deep dive into Primero products and services, with a special focus on our work to support governments to deploy and scale Primero in service of their workforce. We took a look at open data standards such as HL7 and heard from the team about their journey. We also had great presentations from Open Function and heard about their amazing new open source offering "Lightning", and OpenSPP, a new open source solution for social protection.

Primero does not exist in a vacuum! If we want to be impactful at global scale, we need to strengthen our integrations playbook and acknowledge that "the future is integrated". Primero is positioned to become a key building block in the digital public infrastructure of the future.

Primero is positioned to become a key building block in the digital public infrastructure of the future.

Visit the event microsite here

On Day 3, we committed our time to Planning. Planning the next Primero roadmap. Planning the next Primero integrations. Planning for sustainability at scale. Our partners are part of our process, and our government partners were well-represented. We came away from the event with a clear set of priorities and commitments for 2024 and beyond.

Check out the complete Primero Global Meeting event microsite - with all the materials, presentations, photos, videos and workproducts - on the link below.

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