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    Strengthening integrated child welfare services in Indonesia

    Turning data into action for vulnerable children

    UNICEF Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) are working together on a bold child protection systems strengthening programme called Program Kesejahteran Sosial Anak Integratif (PKSA-I). This programme of integrated child welfare services is being implemented in 5 pilot sites in 2017, with the goal of creating a model to be taken to national scale in the years to come. Check out Astrid’s blog on the programme here. Thanks to all the teams for the warm welcome. Terima kasih!


    Primero 2017 Annual Workshop

    Strong partnerships build strong solutions

    30 January - 01 February, 2017

    New York City

    More than 30 Primero stakeholders from ten organizations participated in this year's workshop. We were joined by both ICT and programme teams, and for the first time, implementers from the field. Sharing and building on lessons learned from the partners, the group tackled important questions about the future development of the app, our support model, and how to accelerate scaling.

    Primero is coming soon to a protection programme near you!

    New research on ICTs for Child Protection

    Looking at how technology can improve results for children

    December 2016

    UNICEF New York City

    We are pleased to share the DfID-funded research report: Information and Communications Technology for Child Protection Case Management in Emergencies: A Framework for Design, Implementation, and Evaluation. The report is now available on the UNICEF Child Protection webpage. This represents the first piece of academic research on the use of technology for CP case management in emergencies. The research was designed and conducted by Dr. Patty Mechael and the team at mHealth/HealthEnabled, and jointly managed by UNHCR, ICRC, UNICEF and DfID.


    CPIMS+/Primero goes live in Jordan!

    Digital case management arrives

    November 2016

    Amman, Jordan

    Congratulations to the teams in Jordan for the successful launch of the CPIMS+! Partners from IMC, IRC, UNHCR and UNICEF have been working together since mid 2016 to prepare for the launch of the application. The implementation took place in phases, over a period of several months, with a strong focus on bringing better data management practices to the Child Protection emergency response. More than 50 users are now managing their caseloads on the app.


    Return to Kakuma

    Preparing for digital case management in one of the world's largest refugee settings

    February 2016

    Kakuma, Kenya

    This is the third time that the Primero team has come to Kakuma since 2014. In many ways, Kakuma has been the inspiration for the work on digital case management, as it has presented us with some of our most interesting use cases. The goal of reducing the dependency on paper forms has driven the conversation, but this has led the Kakuma CP partners to conduct extensive case management strengthening work, including some very innovative work on vulnerability assessments and business process improvements..



    World Humanitarian Summit

    Presenting Primero at the Humanitarian Innovations Marketplace

    23-24 May 2016

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Celine Calve the Gender-Based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS) Inter-agency Coordinator and Robert MacTavish, Primero Project Lead with UNICEF were at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul on May 22 and 23, 2016. Celine and Robert demonstrated Primero as a new system for the safe management and sharing of protection-related incident and case data, at the WHS Innovation Marketplace. Primero was selected over thousands of other projects to be featured at the marketplace that gathered humanitarians, influencers and innovators.


    Our final field test - Somalia


    February 2015

    Mogadishu, Somalia

    We have just wrapped up our third and final field test for this phase of the Primero project. We spent the last week in Mogadishu working with 35 of the most dedicated humanitarians I’ve ever met. The teams represented twelve different organizations ...