• Case Management

    Primero was developed to help ensure that vulnerable and at risk children

    and women are referred to and connected with essential services. Primero also promotes accountability and coordination among service providers.

    Security, Confidentiality & Interoperability to promote the rights of children and women

    Primero is guided by the Need to Know, Informed Consent and Best Interests of the Child principles. Data about children and women can be securely and confidentially shared in order to promote their well being and access to services. Role based access ensures that only those who need to know have access to sensitive data.

    Incident Monitoring

    In order to shape programmes to better prevent and respond to violations committed against children and women, incident monitoring systems must be integrated into humanitarian responses. Primero allows these systems to be directly linked to the provision of services, while maintaining confidentiality.

    Family Tracing and Reunification

    Primero is building on decades of programming experience to leverage new technologies to speed up the process of reuniting separated and unaccompanied girls and boys with their families and caregivers.

  • Features

    Designed with and developed by service providers

    Open Source

    Primero is envisioned as a global public good, and has been developed according to the Principles for Digital Development. Primero is made available on GitHub under the GNU Affero GPL 3 license. Check out our Developer's Site.

    Case Management

    Primero provides intuitive digital forms and clear workflows to assist with documenting case management processes, from identification and registration, to assessment, case planning, referrals and transfers, and case closure.


    Incident Monitoring

    Primero allows users to document events and violations, in order to provide programmes with timely information on risk factors and violation patterns. Individual survivors of violence can then be linked to the services they need.


    Family Reunification

    Family reunification

    Primero uses sophisticated matching technology to pair tracing requests made by caregivers with records of children registered as separated or unaccompanied. These features are backstopped by a complete case management module to ensure that children receive appropriate care.

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    Android App

    Primero now has an Android mobile client to support case management and family tracing processes, so protection workers can manage their work on the go, wherever they are.

    Check out the demo video.

  • Primero modules

    Primero is an inter agency initiative that supports multiple modules and programmes.
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