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2018 has been an amazing year of progress, promise and partnerships.

Primero is getting ready for a big year in 2019.

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A year of milestones reached behind us...

Primero began 2018 with a plan. It was an ambitious one, but it was based on our conviction that there is an increasing need for more secure, more efficient, and easier to use tech solutions in child protection and gender-based violence programming.

    • New, innovative data management for services for Children on the Move: How do we promote continuity of care when children and young people are migrating? How do ensure that data is managed with due respect for confidentiality?  Primero is now being used to support case management for Children on the Move programming, linking at-risk youth and children with service providers in a way that respects privacy and reduces potential for harm;   
    • Platform upgrades and improvements, including a move to Ubuntu 16.04 and significant investment in our Android mobile client;
    • A feature-enhanced and robust new release candidate - Primero v1.6  - is now being deployed in more than ten countries;
    • Learning from our mistakes: Inter-agency reviews and global evaluations conducted in 2018 helped to inform the scale-up strategy and product road map for Primero in 2019 and beyond. We collected more than 500 items of feedback from users to inform product development and improve our processes;
    • Kicking-off groundbreaking work on data privacy to ensure that beneficiary data is managed with the highest standards of diligence; 
    • Improved support infrastructure with investment in knowledge management and communications, including the launch of new collaboration sites and the Primero Support Hub (beta);
    • New partnerships! We signed a major agreement with Microsoft, launching a multi-year co-creation partnership that will help us grow, secure and deliver Primero to programmes across the world; 
    • Financial support: We secured multi-year investment for Primero through the Innovations for Scale initiative, with the goal of making Primero available as a global public good.

    ... and a year of ambitious targets ahead.

    In 2019, we will begin work on Primero v2 with plans to upgrade features, improve reporting functionality, and give the app a new look and feel.

    Check in to the blog regularly for the latest news, and let us know if you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter.

    Thanks to all of our users, implementers, partners and supporters.

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