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The new Primero Support hub is here!

Dear Primero Community,

It's been a long time coming, but it is finally here. Dozens of iterations... multiple releases... a +6-month beta with loads of users testing and providing feedback. All of this to push forward with a simple notion:

A successful app is a well-supported app.

As we grow and learn from experience, it is critical that we are gathering, cataloging and organizing our lessons learned. Primero users now have a one-stop-shop where they can finds answers to their questions, learn about recent releases, connect with other users and administrators, and find the latest documentation.

The Primero Support Hub was designed with this in mind. The site is now fully functional with Jira and GitHub integrations, elastic search functionality, and a link to a "Try Primero" demo instance with multiple default roles. Check out the demo video below:

Learn, communicate, share

One of the key features of the Primero Support Hub is the Community Channel. Using the open source Discourse communication platform, the Primero Support Hub creates a powerful information sharing and knowledge management tool. Users can search by key word or topic, find popular themes and links to resources and curated content, and create new topics for issues that are important to them.

This is just the latest step in our efforts to bring Primero to the world with a package of services and resources that is second to none.

Hope to see you on the Support Hub!

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