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A video is worth a million words

Better tools = better results. With the demand for Primero support steadily rising, our new knowledge management and support strategy is focused on bringing high quality resources to our community. We are doubling down on our efforts to provide Primero users and administrators this content via the world's leading video-sharing site. The Primero YouTube channel handle is ChildProtectionInnovation, and it currently hosts more than 20 links to content. These videos are carefully scripted and edited to pack a lot of info into a short tutorials.

The range of content varies from high level demos, to navigating Primero resources, installing Primero locally on a virtual machine, configuration, user management and more. We are also eager to share stories from the field, and we will be publishing more stories and reports in the coming months. We will be continuously upgrading and updating content, so please subscribe, provide comments and share.

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