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Partnering with Quoin, Inc & Davidson College

The Primero™ Project recognizes that its greatest strengths lay within partnerships. To meet the demands of the field and deliver quality tech solutions for programmes, we need to build partnerships and grow our community. Our non-commercial delivery model depends on donors and partners; however, it is envisioned as a public good. This means that we must work tirelessly to squeeze the most out of every dollar we are awarded. To do this we must cultivate our open source community. Earlier this year, Primero™ developers and the cohort of the 2018 graduating class of Davidson College along with Quoin Inc,  joined forces to complete a collaborative capstone project. Their goal; to provide a creative solution to assist Primero™ reach its end-user community with a comprehensive data visualization module.

In humanitarian responses, turning data insights into action requires timely and well-informed decision-making. But this is easier said than done, and with some much data being collected, it is hard not to get lost in the overload. The goal of data visualization is the deliver insights in tidy packages, to bring data, patterns and relationships to life in a way the human brain can consume easily. Primero™ users have been asking for this and we are listening to them. Donors and Country Offices depend on reliable numbers and representations of trends, and clear visualizations are the key to monitoring and course correction. The Davidson Team put together a great extension for Primero using R Shiny, a cool open source R package for building interactive visualizations. This group of talented young developers has created the foundation for the new, more visual, more dynamic Primero™.


A special thanks to the 2018 Davidson graduating class and Quoin who so generously donated their time, insight and expertise. Thanks to our community, Primero is constantly growing and improving.

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