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Compelling report from Save the Children on children living in conflict zones

No single factor has a greater consequence on development indicators for children than armed conflict. Historically, global development goals have been derailed, objectives and targets for programmes have been missed, and agencies and organizations working diligently to protect and empower children have seen their efforts fall short.

Save the Children recently published this comprehensive report that details the extent of hardship faced by children all around the world at the hands of armed forces and groups. The numbers are staggering and the experiences shared by children are horrific.

And to make matters worse, the number of children living in conflict zones is growing:

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Tracing and documenting violations committed against children is a key component of any strategy that focuses on holding perpetrators to account. Primero is on the front lines of this struggle. The number of documented grave violations committed against children in conflict zones has been steadily increasing, painting a clearer picture of the trends behind these violations, and making a stronger case than ever before that the world must act to protect its most vulnerable citizens.

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Check out the report. Share. Support. Educate.

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