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    What is Primero?
    Primero is an easy-to-use information management platform developed by the humanitarian protection community.

    What does “Primero” stand for?

    Primero is not an acronym, but the name was originally taken from “Protection-related Information Management”.

    What does Primero do?

    Primero is an information management software that helps social workers, protection workers and service providers manage, store, and analyse data. It currently has functionality to support:
    1) case management 2) incident monitoring, and, 3) family tracing and reunification.

    What does Primero NOT do?

    As with any software, Primero cannot replace or substitute good business practice, which in this case refers to good protection programming. The application will only add value to programmes that are already functioning.


    Why would I want to use Primero?

    Primero was designed by and for protection professionals. It was developed to extend and improve partnerships between actors who are managing the data of vulnerable children and survivors of violence. Since these actors often have to work together to provide services, Primero was created to provide a common, secure system to protect data and relieve some of the information management burden on social workers and protection professionals. It utilizes role-based access, so you can carefully define which users can see which data and perform which functions. Primero is constantly improving, and always looking for new partners and new ideas.


    What do I need to run Primero?

    If you choose to host Primero on the cloud, it can be accessed on any device with a data connection via your browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but you can use the browser you prefer.

    If you want to use our mobile app, you will need an Android device running at least Jelly Bean (4.1).

    If you want to host Primero locally, you will need to refer to our Developer’s Site for instructions.

    Check it out here: https://primeroims.github.io/primero/docs/getting-started/  


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